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Curves Lihue/Kapaa HI
3-4280 Kuhio Hwy.
Lihue, HI
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Kauai Gym
(808) 823-8210
934 Kipuni Way # A
Kapaa, HI
Bikram Yoga Kauai
(808) 822-5053
PO Box 2000
Kapaa, HI
Jazzercise Lihue Aloha Dance Studio
(808) 635-1950
4469 Kolopa St.
Lihue, HI
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Kauai Athletic Club
(808) 245-5381
4370 Kukui Grove St
Lihue, HI
At Your Pace Express Fitness
(808) 822-4111
4558 Kukui St
Kapaa, HI
Touch of Spirit Day Spa
(808) 823-6144
4504 Kukui St Ste 8
Kapaa, HI
The Studio
(808) 639-2473
Papaloa Rd
Lihue, HI
Jazzercise Kauai /lihue Parish Hall
(000) 000-0000
4340 Old Nawiliwili Rd.
Lihue, HI
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Pilates Kauai Body Works
(808) 639-3074
PO Box 160
Kilauea, HI
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How to Choose an Aerobics Class

Posted by Staff (11/08/2010 @ 11:35 pm)

Let’s face it, running in place on a treadmill or pedaling away on a stationary bike probably isn’t the best way to challenge you mentally and physically. Sure, workout machines can definitely help shed pounds or maintain your weight, but they just don’t kick your butt in the same way that cardio boot camp or spinning do. If you desire a challenge, camaraderie, and aggressively paced music, an aerobics class is the answer.

Once you have made the decision to add aerobics classes to your routine, the next step is to choose the best one for you. There are so many aerobics classes to choose from, it might be tough to pick just one. This is actually a good thing because much like the treadmill, the routine can get a little stale and you might not feel challenged. Mixing things up a bit is your best bet. So, to begin choosing an aerobics class, you should consider your weight, activity level, goals, and any injuries you may have.

Understanding your injuries, whether you have joint issues or a temperamental heel spur, will play an important part in choosing an aerobics class. For example, if you have issues with your heel spur, an aerobics class such as spinning or water workout will take the pressure off sensitive areas. Running, jumping, and kicking will only aggravate the condition, so choose classes that limit these types of movements. If your joints are troublesome, aerobics classes such as ashtanga or bikram yoga, water workout or swim training, or belly dancing will take the focus off susceptible connectors.

Weight, age, and activity level are important factors to consider as well. The level of intensity of aerobics classes such as double step, max force kickboxing, cardio boot camp, and big spin (90 minute ride), might prove too much for beginners, individuals that have been sedentary for years, and individuals that may be more than 20 pounds overweight or obese . Everyone has to start somewhere, so if you fall into any of these categories, simply choose “beginner” level or “intro to” when selecting aerobics classes such as these. Fortunately, most health clubs offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. If you stick with it and remain patient, you will have no problems working your way up to advanced level.

If you currently work out anywhere from 3-5 days per week, you’re halfway there. Because aerobics classes are choreographed and they might require the use of muscles your current workout does not target, you might have to start off in a beginner’s class to learn the basics. If you’re a quick learner and you feel you are in excellent shape, try starting with an intermediate class. If it’s too easy for you, then go ahead and try an advanced class.

Weight loss and weight management are two of the top reasons Americans hit the gym. Just about any 45-60 minute exercise session on most days of the week will help maintain your cu...

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