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Alliance Clinical Services
(801) 763-7775
71 North 490 West
American Fork, UT
Rehab Treatment Center in Orem
(801) 222-9200
777 N Palisades Dr
Orem, UT
Addiction and Psychological Services
(801) 222-0603
224 North Orem Boulevard
Orem, UT
Institute For Cognitive Therapy Inc
(801) 802-8608
560 South State Street
Orem, UT
Life Enhancement Center
(801) 623-4770
1835 North 1120 West
Provo, UT
Ascend Recovery
(877) 527-2363
6280 West 9600 North
Highland, UT
Gathering Place
(801) 226-2255
218 North Orem Boulevard
Orem, UT
Steele House
(801) 784-8329
289 East 340 South
Orem, UT
Renu Treatment Center
(801) 765-7528
1365 West 1250 South
Orem, UT
Health and Assistance in Orem
(801) 226-2255
251 E 1200 S
Orem, UT

Electronic Cigarettes -- For the Health of It

Are you of those people that wake up in the morning and start the day with a cup of coffee and a cigarette? You know that health initiative you promised for Monday morning won’t happen after inhaling the tar and nicotine first thing in the morning reminds you that jogging is only for health nuts. Health and healthy choices begin the moment we wake up every day. From the moment we emerge from our sleeping cocoon, the choices we make during those first few moments of awake time affect the decisions we make the rest of the day.

Instead of that coffee and cigarette, how about a glass of juice and electronic cigarettes ? With normal cigarettes, you can’t help but get the smell of smoke on your clothes and hands. You can’t help but buy a weekly air-freshener ever week to deaden the smell in your car, and the cute little health-nut, office-assistant will surely notice your smoking during the 10:15 break period. With smokeless cigarettes, you can get your nicotine without having the water vapor mixed with tar and other carcinogens. Health and being healthy is such an important step for a person’s self. If you start the day with the proper amount of nutrition, that sleepy 2:30 feeling in the afternoon will be lessened. Striving to have some sort of health routine in one’s regime can only turn the health you currently enjoy into a life-long luxury....

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