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Behind The Dating Mask
(801) 812-0737
2483 N Canyon Rd
Provo, UT
Doll House
(801) 762-0080
325 S State St
Provo, UT
Panda Express
(801) 492-0753
959 West State Street
American Fork, UT
(801) 756-7581
765 West State Road
American Fork, UT
(801) 756-7581
765 West State Rd
American Fork, UT
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Vip Escorts
(801) 375-1958
75 E 100 N
Provo, UT
Thai Village
(801) 492-7677
208 W Main St
American Fork, UT

Starbucks Coffee Company
(801) 763-8057
821 West State St
American Fork, UT
Taco Bell
(801) 492-9000
633 S 500 E
American Fork, UT
P.F. Chang's
(801) 426-0900
575 E University Pkwy. Suite A-20
Orem, UT
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If a women wants to attract a man, ditch the Chanel No. 5

If a women wants to attract a man, ditch the Chanel No. 5

Posted by Mike Furci (04/14/2010 @ 11:51 am)

In a large percentage of animals, females are only fertile during a brief period of time surrounding ovulation. For the males of these species, this period promotes mating behavior. There is evidence that shows that males can actually smell when a female is ovulating. Recent studies indicate that the olfactory sense may play a large role in human attraction and mating also.

The researchers performed two separate but related experiments. In the first scenario, the scientists gave four women plain, white T-shirts. The women wore the shirts when they slept over three days during ovulation or late follicular phase. Five days later, the women again wore T-shirts for three days when they slept during the luteal phase, which is far from ovulation. At the end of every night sleep the shirts were collected and put in bags separately then frozen.

In the second experiment, the scientists added an extra variable: fresh T-shirts that hadn’t been worn by anyone, which were also placed in bags.

The researchers asked dozens of men to stick their noses into the bags. As the men sniffed the shirts, scientists sampled the participants’ saliva, which was used to measure testosterone. Men who smelled the shirts of ovulating women in the first experiment had, on average, testosterone levels that were 37 percent higher than the men who smelled the shirts of n...

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